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Welcome to Caravan Overnight Farmstay, your ultimate connection between friendly farmers and adventurous travelers! As an Australian owned and operated business, we take pride in bridging the gap between farmers willing to host self-contained vehicles and travelers seeking safe and picturesque places to park overnight during their journeys between towns.

With hundreds of farms registered all over Australia and thousands of enthusiastic travelers, our community continues to grow, fostering wonderful interactions and memorable experiences. Join our ever-expanding Facebook following and be a part of this vibrant network.

To explore our membership options and prices, simply click the “Become a Member” button below. Embrace the joy of connecting with nature, meeting welcoming farmers, and creating unforgettable memories as you embark on the most scenic and fulfilling adventures. Let’s make your journey truly exceptional with Caravan Overnight Farmstay!


Are you looking for a secure, low cost, quiet parking spot for your caravan or RV when travelling between towns?

Become a Traveller Member, and as a Farmer’s friend you can gain access to safe sites all over Australia in a welcoming environment.


Do you have a gateway or little used service road or piece of flat land you would allow self-contained vehicles to park overnight?

Join as a Farmer Host Member. Our Traveller Members would like to become your friends and make a donation for the privilege of being able to stay on your property.