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Leaning Farmer

Caravan Overnight Farmstay

We provide a user-friendly website that allows self-contained travellers (grey water is OK) to connect with farmers and pastoralists in their area who have registered to allow overnight caravan and motorhome accommodation.

This is for the sole purpose of parking your vehicle somewhere safe while you are tired so that you can get some sleep safely.


Are you looking for a safe, quiet parking spot for your caravan or motorhome when travelling between towns?

Become a Member, as a Farmer’s friend you can gain access to safe sites all over Australia in a welcoming environment.


Do you have a gateway or little used service road or piece of flat land you would allow self-contained vehicles to park overnight?

Our Members would like to become your friends and make a donation for the privilege of being able to stay on your property.


NB If your login doesn't work, then your membership may have expired. Please contact us at cof@westnet.com.au

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