Traveller Terms and Conditions

The Traveller agrees to the following terms and conditions:

  • Access to the designated area is always at the farmer’s discretion, should he feel he has reasonable cause, access may be denied. Travellers are fully responsible for all their actions once they enter a farmer’s gate.
  • The period of allowable access to the designated area is strictly 24 hours and no longer unless clearly stated or permitted by the farmer/ landholder.
  • Access allowed is to the designated area and nowhere else on the property. Access is not allowed to any buildings, homes or sheds unless specifically allowed by the farmer.
  • Any restrictions stated or implied by the farmer must be adhered to. This includes access for pets, lighting of fires and any other restrictions deemed necessary by the farmer.
  • All travellers must adhere to the 7 principles of Leave no Trace. https://lnt.org/learn/7-principles It is understood that all Travellers are to leave the area as they found it, and to take all rubbish with them when they leave unless a farmer has provided a rubbish facility onsite.
  • Any Traveller may be deleted from access to the website, with no refunds, should the management receive detrimental reports from the landholders.
  • Caravan Overnight Farmstay in no way acts as a booking agent, but merely maintains a website to facilitate interaction between farmers and travellers.
  • Caravan Overnight Farmstay and its employess and directors in no way accept responsibility for any damage or actions during the said 24 hours allowable access.

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