Farmer Terms and Conditions

Farmer – Terms and conditions

Farmers are responsible for displaying the Caravan Overnight Farmstay sign at entry to the area allocated for parking.

The farmer is to set aside an area suitable for access by a traveller, and should restrict access to areas other than that as required.

The farmer is to provide no facilities, other than the area, unless he determines it is required.
The period allowed for access to the required area is strictly no longer than 24 hours unless specifically permitted longer by the farmer.

The farmer should maintain a suitable amount of public liability insurance and advise his insurer of any change in conditions required under his policy.

Caravan Overnight Farmstay in no way acts as a booking agent, but merely maintains a website to facilitate interaction between farmers and travellers.

Caravan Overnight Farmstay and its employees and directors in no way accept responsibility for any damage or actions by the traveller to the detriment of the farm or farmers.

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